Scared Small Dog Hugging A Smaller Puppy Were Both Saved By Nuns In China

Just recently, we posted a story about a family who adopted a dog that their own dog befriended while he was missing and living in the streets. Not only are we thankful of the family’s generosity, but we are also amazed of how the dogs developed a friendship and have each other’s backs while they were living in the streets. It just goes to show how dogs value friendships.

Now another two dogs have shown us what true friendship is. Two abandoned pups were found in Beijing, China. And photos of the bigger pup hugging the smaller pup to protect him went viral online.

small 1

The puppies were found roaming around the area somewhere in Beijing, China. Thankfully, they were taken in by some Buddhist nuns.

When the photos of the puppy hugging the other pup surfaced online, people were immediately smitten. According to the post by Shanghaiist, people were commenting about how angry they were of the people who abandoned the poor pups on the street.

small 2

Fortunately, the puppies are in good hands now.

There are no details which temple the pups are in now. But we are glad and thankful that they were saved.

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